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We've been to

We're going to

July - September, 2019: Europe (We are embarking on June 26th)

October,  2019 - March, 2020: USA, Canada and Mexico

Our Budget

Cameras, lenses, tripods, microphones, audio recorder.

Hosting and platform.

Laptop, editing software - two years signature; subtitle technician.

Flights, train, buses, car, eventual B&B or Hostel.

Canvas, papers, painting, ink, brushes, image editing software.

Our Journey

time line vazia.png

Our Quest



Get up and go, leave your country!

Learning the art of being nourished by tradition. Know by experience, be hosted.


Mutual Trust

Interact and live together. Gaze and listen to one another. Gathering, painting, sharing food, ideas. Creating a place to meet the other.



Relive and reanimate memories, bring possibilities for today.

Thought alive in new ways: painting, films and writings. Exhibition, dissertation, videos, online platform with accessible material, possibility to create new gatherings and involve more people.

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